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Responsive or Non-Responsive

We live in a time where access to online information is not limited and this includes businesses. This is the reason we build all our projects responsive as standard.

WordPress is our preferred CMS (Content Management System) and we use Magento for our e-commerce projects. We keep the user interface creative, clear and clean to ensure the pages and functions remain pristine.

With WordPress being a responsive CMS, you are able to edit your content on the go through whatever device you see fit; be it mobile, tablet or laptop. As well as the CMS, we build front end of your website so that it is accessible, readable and usable on multiple devices too. There is no limitations to your online business anymore.


Welcome our newest chef in the kitchen

We’re always looking for new talent to join the team, we’re always looking for work too but hey, that’s another story! Timi Kokol joins us with his skills in animation.

From this day forward, he’ll be able to put some interactive magic on your projects. He’s already done a little piece for the Grilled Pixels website, which is a hidden logo somewhere within. Let us know if you can find it!

Look forward to hearing everyones thoughts and seeing what more Timi will to the table in the near future.

  • December 31, 2013
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Brand spanking new website, new goals, no limits!

2013 was a great year! I (Adam Roberts) made the decision and took the big leap in turning Grilled Pixels from a freelance alias to a fully fledged design studio, which is the forefront of a small team of designers and developers to create new, exciting experiences online.

The leap itself was definitely scary, there’s no shame in saying that – as many will agree. It had taken just 4 months, to plan everything, as well as design and build a new website that would serve as the face of the company.

Initially, when building a team – you have to be very picky, or I was at least. Being both a designer and developer myself, and continuously finding new things and staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies on a daily basis has become second nature. Finding a designer or developer to join your team who clearly reacts in the same way, is very hard to come across! The success of Grilled Pixels is going to…